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Hello all. I found this community just on a whim by searching Albannach on LJ. Anyways, I joined up and I wanted to share some pics I have. Over the weekend of the 15-17 here in Valley Forge, PA, we have the annual Scottish and Irish festival. This was the first year that Albannach played and the first time I ever heard of them. Needless to say I was just blown away from watching them play. I got both their cds and I got to meet several members. The only bad thing was that I completely forgot my camera when I did see them, but I did bring it on the last day. The pictures are from when the Celtic influenced Australian band, Brother was playing. During one of their songs, Jamesine Johnston got upon stage and played along. It was quite cool and I'm glad to of at least took some pictures of that. So here are those pics and a couple of Brother. Enjoy the pics and take care.

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Great shots....thanks for sharing!!
You are quite welcome.